Read, sold and read again
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The App

Booxup is the application you need to buy books cheaper or to sell yours.

  • It’s fast

    To sell a book just scan its bar code and choose a selling price and voila !
  • It’s profitable

    With booxup you can read real printed books much cheaper and you can also make money by quickly selling your books near you !
  • It’s legal

    Forget the pdf files of dubious origin and the tiresome reading on screens, thanks to booxup printed books have never been so accessible !

The Offer

  • Every books at all cost.

    All new books at the best price.
  • A large offer

    Mangas, thriller, cooking books, traveling guide, romance, fantasy All readings are on booxup
  • Find rare books

    On booxup you can find books that are no longer available for sale
  • For students

    Your textbooks are too expensive ? Buy them used on booxup.

About us

One morning, David was struck by his overflowing bookshelves ….Books that he will never read again! He says there is something to do and when he talks to Robin, both decided to create the first application to share printed books between individuals in order to facilitate access to books for all.

The first version of the application was released in March 2015 at the Paris Book Fair ...

Whether big or small readers we all have books at home. And 95% of books will never be reopened. Convinced by this idea, Cheng joined the team in January 2016 as CTO.

David Mennesson
Robin Sappe
Cheng Huang
Chief Technology Officer